Launch Your Freelance Writing Business

Make more money in less time as a freelance writer without sacrificing your quality of life

You're tired of being confused about how to get paid well as a writer

It's exhausting freaking out every month because you're no closer to achieving your writing goals or you're overwhelmed by putting in hard work and receiving lackluster results. 


It's frustrating watching other freelance writers making money and booking gigs you can only dream about because you don't know how to make it happen. 


It sucks constantly wondering if you made the right choice or if you can really make your dreams come true. 


Up until now, your strategy hasn't been working

You've been piecemealing together all the free content in hopes of finding the secret to freelance success, accepting jobs that would never help you reach your income goal, pitching without a plan, all in hopes of one day figuring how to make money as a writer. 


But, instead of booking the high paying clients you thought would come so easily, all you're finding is low quality clients, even lower paying jobs, and the inability to gain traction in your business because you don't know how to turn things around and be the writer you've always dreamt of becoming. 

This isn't what you signed up for when you decided to pursue your freelance writing dreams

You've been wondering what your bank account and daily schedule would be like if you could consistently book high paying writing gigs that allow you to make more money in less time. 


But, your inability to build your online presence and pitch to the clients of your dreams has resulted in wondering if the only gigs you can book will be enough to cover your monthly food budget, let alone help you achieve your income goals. 


Building a freelance writing business without the low rates, bad clients, and working 24/7 is absolutely possible if you apply the 6 step framework that I will teach you. 

 You deserve to...

Achieve your dream

of being a successful and well paid freelance writer.

Earn enough money

to put you one step closer to living your dream life.

Make it happen

Instead of continually saying what you want to happen.

Be proud of yourself

and your progress on the road to achieving your goals.

After launching a freelance writing business + replacing my full-time salary within 6 months,

I've noticed there are 6 things most aspiring freelance writers are doing before they work with me

  • You're sitting on the


    watching other freelance writers succeed in an industry you know you can thrive in.

  • You're accepting work that pays pennies

    or working for content mills because you're not confident if you can do better so you accept the bottom of the barrel.

  • You're sending lackluster pitches

    to clients and publications and wondering why you get left on read or constantly turned down.

  • You're promoting an unprofessional website

    that doesn't showcase your niche, information about you, your services, or a way for interested clients to reach out to you.

  • You're positioning yourself as a generalist

    no niche, no speciality, no way to stand out, and as a result, no clients to pay your desired rate

  • You're letting imposter syndrome stop you

    believing you can't, you're not good enough, no qualified enough, or not special enough to get paid well to be a freelance writer. 

It's time to stop

Being confused about how to book quality writing gigs and position yourself as a freelance writer who can make a full-time income while working part-time hours!


 You know that once you get the process that helps you book your first quality client, be able to repeat it until you're booked out with high paying gigs and achieving your income goals every month while still 

  • Having time to work your 9-5

  • Build or maintain a happy and healthy relationship

  • Spend quality time with your children

  • Implementing a consistent workout routine

  • Getting 8 hours of sleep each night

Introducing Write for Profit:

A 6-week group coaching accelerator designed to help you launch your freelance writing business making a full-time income while working part-time hours

  • MODULE 1

    Envision Your Dream Writing Career 

    You will learn how to identify your goals for your freelance writing business, so you have a clear picture of how your ideal writing career looks. 

  • MODULE 3

    Optimize Your Online Presence + Pricing

    You will learn how to build a writer's website and price for profit to impress potential clients + charge rates that have a. major impact on your business revenue.

  • MODULE 5

    Host Discovery Calls + Onboard Like a Pro

    You will learn how to host a discovery call, seamlessly onboard new clients and gather crucial project information so you can successfully turn prospects into clients and have the info needed to complete the project.

  • MODULE 2

    Pick a Niche + Create Portfolio Pieces

    You will learn how to pick a profitable niche, bypass generalist work + specialist based on what you know or like while building an impressive portfolio.

  • MODULE 4

    Find Quality Clients + Pitch for Profit

    You will learn how to find quality clients, send pitches that convert, and optimize your LinkedIn profile, so you can connect with potential clients + collect leads.

  • MODULE 6

    Fine Tune Your Tools + Systems 

    You will learn how to develop the best system to organize your writing projects, gather testimonials, and choose relevant software and tools, so you can up level your writing business systems. 

Get Access to Valuable Support and Resources

  • You will attend weekly live Q&A sessions so you don't have to feel alone as you go through his process and can ask specific questions that help you move the needle in launching your writing business

  • You will receive personalized feedback on all growth assignments you submit throughout the program

  • You will have access to all documents I use in my writing business including my pitches, client agreements, discovery call script, website copy template, and more. 


The investment for Write for Profit, including a 6 week writing business curriculum, 6 live Q&A calls, personalized feedback on your weekly growth assignments, all the documents I use in my writing business

Pay in Full


Enrollment for Write for Profit is now closed.  

3 Easy Payments


"Write for Profit gave me the confidence to pitch to clients. I enjoyed the straightforward teaching style with examples and templates. Also, when I asked questions, you wouldn't just tell me what to do, but often showed me which was helpful. This was a good set up for me because I felt like we were launching my business together."

Phillip R.

Hi! I'm Quiana

I am a freelance writing coach who helps aspiring writers learn how to launch a writing business making a full time income while working part time hours.  


As a writer who has written for online publications that get over 12M readers per month, a New York Time’s Best Selling Author, over 20 credit unions and banks and countless go-to industry experts, I have first hand knowledge of how to book the high paying clients that help you work less hours and make more money. 


I launched my writing business while working as an elementary school teacher, and within 6 months I was able to replace my full time salary and resign from my job. Now I homeschool my 6-year old daughter and work no more than 25 hours per week writing for clients.


Currently, I support aspiring freelance writers who want to do the same.  There’s no rule that says you have to be a "starving artist" or be tied to your computer 24/7.


Let me show you a better way.

Write for Profit is for you if you...


  • Want to make money consistently as a freelance writer

  • Want to book high quality clients who pay your rate with ease

  • Have writing skills or are willing to improve your skills

  • Want to write without sacrificing your personal life and sleep

  • Are already a writer, but need to do a do over to launch the right way

  • Have 5-10 hours per week to devote to the program

  • Are ready to mark successful freelance writer off your list of goals

  • Are ready to do the work needed to experience the level of success you want

Write for Profit isn't for you if...


    • You're okay with not actually achieving your goals

    • You don't want to be a content marketing writer, copywriter or write for publications

    • You think achieving this goal will come easy so you can give half the effort and get full results

    • You want me to do the work for you

    • You don't want to charge your clients more

    • You don't want to send pitches to clients and publications

    • You don't have 5-10 hours per week to devote to the program

    "This experience demystified what it takes to start building a business as a freelance writer....  increased my confidence and desire to start a freelance writing business. I appreciate your honesty and transparency about your journey...  You give actionable feedback and the resources you've provided are very helpful to getting a business started on the right foot."

    Brittany H.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If your question isn't answered below, send me an email to and I'll be glad to help!

    When will the course begin and end?

    What is the time commitment per week?

    Do I get support, community, or 1 on 1 access to you?

    What is the investment?

    The investment for Write for Profit is one payment of $997 or 3 payments of $399.

    How long can I access the materials?

    Are there any prerequisites?

    What is the refund policy?

    Do I have to have writing experience or a degree to be successful?

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